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Full Version: New roofs
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I thought we were getting the new roofs with this update? But yet i still see this -.-

[Image: 5kBkYGWwIu]
I think that have to wait
yes, until I have a good idea on how to fit it into the game. it was less straight forward than I thought. suggestions or ideas are welcome of course.
To keep the idea and the upgrade amounts, it could take the normal 5 planks to upgrade from lvl1 to lvl2, but take 1 planks to upgrade from lvl2 to lvl3 and take 1 plank to make a ceiling tile (assuming 1 ceiling takes up 1/4 of the foundation).

There would then be 2 ways to make the ceiling:
1) Have the ceiling be a recipe to craft in the menu and the player places it on the roof (there would be 4 new snap points for each ceiling tile. The snap points could either be on the roof or on the floor and the ceiling tiles would have empty space under them that is used for the snap).
2) Have the player look at a section of the roof and presses E to upgrade that one into a roof.

I think the first way would be better since the player can see where it would go and can debate on the look. We can all agree that repairing the foundation should repair the ceiling tiles as well, it would be too costly otherwise and players would just not use them and use foundations instead (doesn't matter if they need the ceiling to make the next foundation because they will just let the ceiling decay and have the same overall outcome).

If you need more clarification on the ceiling being snapped on the floor, I just mean the collision box goes further down so it snaps to the floor and the actual ceiling you walk on is further up (roof level).
yes, that about sums up the options.

but, you can not place a foundation on top of that foundation, or the floor will block off any holes in your ceiling. not sure how bad that is.
Forgot about that part (headaches suck for thinking).

Could you make the foundations be a basic frame (4 holes in the floor, 4 in the roof) and when they are placed, they check if a foundation is under them, if there is then they check where there are holes/where there ceiling tiles and add a (non craftable) floor tile on those spots. If there is no foundation under it, the floor tiles are then added.

You might also need a check for when a ceiling tile is placed, the client checks if there is a foundation above it, if so then it places a floor where the new ceiling was placed.
Yes, maybe have the level 1 foundation be the posts., then updgrade each 1/4, to get a whole, or only 3.  Again, offer a full foundation as a card, just in case.  

So the order would be

Foundation - 5 posts in the ground
level2 upgrade - either whole card, or 1/4 at a time 
level3 upgrade - again eiher whole card, or 1/4 at a time.  

But that'd allow us to place foundation above a "holed" roof, because we could do the 2nd foundation 1/4 at a time.  

This would also allow us to make high catherderal ceilings, and build a dirt floor for bottom floor to grow inside. if we wanted.

Oh, Chaozz the options are limitless if we could build foundation poles first, then "add" each 1/4 tile.  You could build a "water well" in your beach house, an indoor garden, root cellar if you found the right place...traps
This hurt my head so bad

first foundation built would be just the 5 posts in the ground.

Then you could upgrade to level2, by using a complete foundation upgrade in the craft menu for 5 planks or something
You could upgrade the foundation in pieces, each covering a 1/4 of the "floor"

That way when you build a second floor, with the 3/4 foundation to let  your stairs through you can place the 2nd story foundation, 1/4 a section at a time to accomodate the hole for the stairs.
I think it's much simpler then that inoted of creating all this extra work and basically killing the current system

Keep foundation lvl1 and lvl2

Uparade 3 creates the model that chaozz showed us
Now increase the players range so they can reach the roof and the roof sections should be repaired with the foundation

Now create a craft able ceiling like with walls they you can snap into place

Tts probably the simplest WAy to do it
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