Why zombie games are poised to make a huge comeback

Long gone are the days of Left for Dead and its sequel Left for Dead 2, No More Room In Hell, DayZ, Dead Island, and other zombie shoot-em-up games. However, it seems that it wasn’t the zombies that were the problem, it was the execution of these games. Few games actually got the zombie genre right, and the thing about it is that many of them tried to make it more about the story rather than just overall survival. Left for Dead is the perfect example where there is little to no story, but it’s all about survival in that universe.

And games like that work, not just cause you get to shoot some zombies, but because you get to survive while doing it and it always haunts the back of your mind while you’re playing the game. It’s not enough to just walk and run through an entire level without looking at any zombie. You also have to pay close attention to your weapons, ammo, supplies, health kits, and so on. And zombies are the perfect villain to accentuate the issues of survival. They are always present and always a pain in the ass for you.

Dead Rising tried to do things the old fashioned way where you just run through zombies and beat them with bread sticks. Well, guess what, people get bored of that pretty fast. However, when you look at the popularity of zombies, it seems that the popular media hasn’t completely forgotten about them. New movies are being made with zombies in them, and it seems that they’re making a comeback in that medium as well. We shouldn’t allow the failure of World War Z to dissuade us from some of this amazing zombie content.

Just like with movies, zombies are coming back to computer games as well. And it’s not just the triple-A titles that will be feeling the zombie craze going forward. In fact, it’s not even just the indie games either. It’s also adult games, so if you want to check titles in that genre, then you better go to some place such as Adult Porn Games for that. You’ll notice that not even that content can stay away from the zombie genre. I guess you’re going to have to get used to hot zombies in those games for a change.

And yes, we’re well aware that adult games aren’t for everyone. But there are many people who really enjoy them, and you can definitely see why as well. If you want to check out more on that topic then you better look towards Sex Games Online, because that place is just full to the brim with this kind of content. Finally, you should remember that there are some serious games out there as well which are bringing zombies back and this should really excite you. Zombie games have always been very dear to many players and it’s good seeing them back.