Survius Is Quite An Addictive Game You Will Love

For those who have not heard about this game before, you are missing out. This is a free, multiplayer, open-world game with the usual zombie-survival theme. It was created by Elman Wenners, and currently, it is available for the PC, Linux, and Mac. If there is anything you want to know about this game you should simply explore the game itself. 

The great thing today is that most games and other things, such as adult content, will have their own websites, or reviews of their content; for example, you have the kink site review that you can read without having to visit the site. This means that you will not waste your time on the site, as you will already know whether this place is worth the visit or not; and the same thing applies to Survius, although you will see that most reviews about this game are positive. 

What is so interesting about Survius? 

If you enjoy playing zombie, survival games with interesting characters, then you should check out this game. In the beginning, you find yourself stuck on an island that is called Survius, hence the title of the game. At first glance, it looks like the island and its settlements have been deserted, which is when you start to scavenge the landscape, while looking for life necessities, like shelter, water, and food. 

Not long after, you will find out that you are actually not alone on that island, which could have been predicted from the start. The main features that make the game so interesting were already listed. You are left in a whole new world to explore, with day and night cycles, modular building systems, plant crops, and so on. 

The game is being updated! 

One of the most important things you are probably interested in is whether this game is being updated or not, since every game has bugs, especially the multiplayer games. Well, this game is being updated; however, the last update was in January 2018, which does not mean that Survius will no longer be updated, but on the other hand one can never be 100% sure. Despite that, Survius is definitely a game for you to check out; and if you are interested in the overall updates, visit the blog where all of the important aspects will be explained.