Time for another update that actually fixes quite a few problems, so let’s dive into some details.

Trees – You should now be able again to build around trees (experimental).

Health – Health, thirst, hunger and other player characteristics were reset after exiting the game hard. This is now fixed. As a compromise, I have made the player model data server dependent. So you need to setup your player face and shirt for each server you connect with.

Rain – The previous build had rain code in it, but it didn’t work. In this build you should see rain every now and then. It doesn’t affect your health yet, and you can not collect it yet. Lets first see if it works properly this build.

Time-outs – I did some backend tweaks and boxes, tents and backpacks should work a little smoother now (experimental).

Deer and Rocks – Deer and rocks will only spawn if you’re in the forest. I fixed my detection code, and they spawn again now.

Doors – Interacting with doors that need repair should no longer show them as repaired.

Linux and Mac builds – They’re back. Check them out!

That’s all.. I probably forgot some stuff, but these were the most pressing issues.

Get the updated game at https://chaozz.itch.io/survius