Good day fellow Survius players, Last week we started collecting applications for the admin post of Survius. Thanks a lot to all of you who posted their applications, and thanks to others as well for staying with us.

We have reviewed the applications from the best perspective and prepared a new admin team for Survius. All applications were handled and reviewed equally and emphatically. From a basis of viewpoint, all applications were amazing and thanks again for them, but we had to select only the following players as the Community admin for now.

  1. Snowballz
  2. Neegan
  3. CannibalHero
  4. WhiteWolf

We have tried our best to select the ideal and capable members of the community as the admins. However, the selected admins will be monitored and trained to be able to discharge their duties properly.


So without further ado, Welcome to the admin team, and it would be the duty of all players to abide by this new admin team. Thank you and have a great weekend.


EDIT: TheRoam and MohenjoDaro will still stay as forum only mods.