Last few weeks I have slowly started working on the codebase, getting the game in a more stable state. The first tests seem to imply the fixes are helping and the game is more stable (for me at least). I am also moving a lot of code around, reorganizing, which is rewarding, but not noticeable to anyone but me.

I have been pondering on ways to add a bit more depth to the gameplay. Inspired by almost every other survival game, here is what I want to work on next:


New item: Furnace

  • recepy to build: x stones
  • wood log squares to add fuel to the fire
  • smelts scrap metal to iron bars

I want to remove scrap metal from all crafting recepies and replace them with iron bars. So you need to process the scrap metal first before you can craft with it.


New item: Rock

  • hit the rock with a pickaxe to get stone
  • disappears after x hits

New item: Stone

  • can only be obtained by hitting a rock with a pickaxe


New mechanic: Traders

  • I want to add a trader, where you can trade iron bars for food or ammo.
  • 1 iron bar = 3 ammo clips, 1 iron bar = 5 cans of food, etc (amounts are examples)


New: registration and player back-end

  • I want to remove the tedious registration form from the game, and create a website for registration
  • This website will also allow you to login and check:
    • your personal details like email address, etc
    • your donation state
    • your inventory on each server
    • etc


So that is what I will be working on. Ideas are welcome, as long as they fit this direction of development (don’t ask for submarines, when I am working on smelting 😛 )